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Sights of Moldova

Welcome to Chisinau !!!!
Chisinau is the capital and the largest city of Moldova. The city is situated on seven hills and stretches along the river Bic - right tributary of Nistru. Chisinau for the first time was mentioned in a document of Moldavian ruler Stephen the
Great in 1466 and this date is considered the founding year of the city. We will be very glad to see you in the one of the greenest cities of Europe!!!

Moldova is a picturesque destination, the green hills and pastoral villages, lakes and vast fields of sunflowers that give it a special charm. Traveling in our country that is not very large (350 km from north to south and 150 km from west to east), always creates a sophisticated impression of interchangeable landscape, rich flora, the abundance of monuments of nature, of which currently there are more than 500.

The Republic of Moldova as a wine country, offers visitors a wide choice of tourist route "The Wine Road in Moldova" The Wine Route - a wide road to prosperity and promotion in the world of all the wealth and advantages that our country is famous.

Every nation has its "dowry". For the Moldovan people the bunch of grapes, is that "pearl", the value of which through the years not fade. "Quality has become a tradition " - to help every guest to understand the meaning and flavor of this wonderful drink.

Triumphal Arch, Chisinau
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